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SGPA fruit project!!:new: 9 spots left guys! Let's fill her up!!
Let's do something weird to get SGPA active~~
Pick a fruit below that you think suits your SGPA character, and let me know in the comments. 
If you're lucky, the fruit fairy may come along with a little surprise!!
◇ apple
◇ banana
◇ cherry -> Yosei @ BeNic14
◇ raspberry -> Dysta @ Meibatsu
◇ strawberry -> The Critic @ criticU
◇ rock melon
◇ watermelon -> March @ isi-a
◇ pear -> Synergy @ LegibleGrub
◇ kiwifruit -> Ulric @ BeNic14
◇ orange -> Solar Cat @ Meibatsu
◇ lemon -> Tchandra @ Syreneln
◇ lime -> Aderasteia @ LegibleGrub
◇ grape
◇ <b>
Request Box - openoh, hello.
*human/humanoid characters only
*oc, fc & fanart ok!
*it could come in any form!! (chibi, fb etc) just whatever im keen on drawing at the time
*it doesn't guarantee you a request!! it just means you might get one if i have some spare time ;>
*im really interested in characters with detailed designs (i love fantasy, sci-fi, couture..)
*ONE CHARACTER ONLY so pick your best
01 link/thumb to the characters ref
02 a pose reference
03 the expression of the character

Looking forward to...

► icon AT from TheRedCrane (siphon)
► chibi AT from TheRedCrane (night)
► x2 chibis PC from TheRedCrane (noelle & west)
► chibi PC from SuzakuTrip (u.s.)
► custom design from Shiroi-Tori (alvis) ✖ paid
► chibi AT from rain--soaked (siphon)
► x4 chibis PC from TheRedCrane (night, silbe, noelle, nami)
► x3 chibis PC from rain--soaked (night, silbe, marco)


.desert flower by isi-a


"The woods are lovely, dark and deep but I
have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep."
- Robert Frost


Color Palette Meme
Pick a color palette + a show/character for me to draw!
If you'd like to suggest something anonymously, go to my! Otherwise you can just comment below. Q v Q
The shows/games/movies/books that I'd like to do fanart for are:
attack on titan
avatar the last airbender
ben 10 alien force
bioshock infinite
black lagoon
black rock shooter
deltora quest
diabolik lovers
ergo proxyfairy tail
fruits basket
howl's moving castle
infamous: second son
justice league
kara no kyoukai
kill la kill
legend of korra
mortal instruments
one piece
pacific rim
panty & stocking with garterbelt
psycho pass
samurai champloo
spirited away
star wars
welcome to night vale
young justice
Way too many rainbow nude kids by EleveraRunrun Base by Elevera

20 June 2015: I will be traveling to Uganda for work from June 21 - July 5, so I apologize in advance for any delayed responses! I am not sure how much internet access I will have, so for fastest response, please direct questions to Mrs--Hatake . Thank you for your continued interest and submissions!

15 June 2015:
Two months until the deadline! Time goes by so quickly! I also updated the FAQ. Thank you for your submissions, continued interest, questions, and comments!

10 June 2015:
Updated the Q&A section again! And thank you once more to all entrants so far!

30 May 2015
: Updated the Q&A section! Thank you so much for all the entries so far! They will all appear in the contest group shortly. =)
26 May 2015:    We added
Custom-OutfitRead the description, please! I will not ask you for the information I need!
:star: Information :star:
:bulletgreen: Gender: Female | Male
:bulletgreen: Random | Fandom: Original | Naruto | etc.
:bulletgreen: *Style of Clothing: Yukata | Uniform | etc.
:bulletgreen: Use of Outfit: Sleeping | Training | Missions | Festivals | Travel | Causal | etc.
:bulletgreen: Kind of Outfit: Childish | Elegant | Sexy | etc.
:bulletgreen: *Season: Winter | Spring | Summer | Autumn
:bulletgreen: Colours: Blue | Red | etc.
:bulletgreen: *Extras: Scarf | Necklace etc.
[Bullet; Green] References of Clothes you like: You can use my selling-customs, too

[Star!] The process [Star!]
[Bullet; Black] Comment here to get a slot.
[Bullet; Black] After receiving a sl
7 Days Color Challenge (closed)Firstly, thank you all for the joining this second drawing challenge, I can't wait to see what you guys will come up with ^_^

I know time zones are always confusing. As I write this journal it's Friday 5th, June, 13:00 o'clock where I live. The challenge starts counting from now on. That means all of the challenge days ends by 13:00 o'clock ( based on Brasilia Timezone, where I live) . 
For those who already submitted the 1st drawing, it's okay as long as it's the red one!
If you can't join for any reason, don't worry! I'll be doing more Drawing Challenges in the future.
Bullet; Blue What's a 7 Days Color Challenge?
The challenge is drawing 7 different things based on 7 different colors. A color a day. By the end of the challenge you'll have a rainbow set of drawings to show ^_^
Bullet; Blue What about the Rules?
• It can be either traditional, digital or mi
[Art trades] and raffles@SailorAlcyone is holding a raffle: 
Nao-Dignity  is holding a giveaway :la:  

My Art Trades at the moment:
- najmi1005 my part (her OC Yure)| her part (my OC Morgana) :heart: I totally love it :la: DONE
Yuumeee: <i>


Current News

3 days left of termmm

Working On

Work ListFanart List

"Messages" Project 10/15 ▌
Journey Cosplay ▌
OC Designs ▌



& refs to make

Blood Trail

▌ Night V. SGPA
▌ Noelle B. SGPA
▌ March D. SGPA

▌ Marco V.
▌ Tully R.
▌ Rome
▌ Silbe A.
▌ Alvis
▌ Neideen O.
▌ Nami
▌ Udo U.

▌ Mugen Y.
▌ Enka S.
▌ Darwin M.
▌ Taemin O.

▌ June
▌ Siphon
▌ Clare
▌ Madeline

Urban Samurai ▌
West C. ▌
Dahn W. (Opir) ▌
Abdul A. ▌

Caen ▌
Ezra ▌
Hamish ▌
Bobby & Ed ▌
Dom ▌
Rory ▌
Abel ▌
Jack ▌

Lili ▌
Umeko & Suiren ▌
Yolande ▌
Riley ▌
Masha ▌
Babs ▌

all © isi-a


kiriban @ 15,000 pvs - CLOSED 

2 deviants said good job guys!!


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omigosh ((: IM SO EXCITED
im swamped with assignments atm but i promise i havent forgotten about my end, ill get it done <3
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